Your Consultation For Dental Services

Your initial cosmetic consultation with Dr. Christine Fialka-Eshenko will be highly individualized and designed to provide you with an overview of your cosmetic dental options and answer any questions you might have.

What to Expect During Your Consultation For Cosmetic Dental Services

If this is your first time visiting us, you will be pleased upon entering our Edmonton, Alberta office as it is warm, inviting and comfortable. We pride ourselves on not only caring about every smile that enters our building but in providing a nurturing atmosphere.

Once your appointment begins, we will begin by discussing your cosmetic goals and any past dental work. A thorough examination of your oral health will be conducted where we will:

  • Take x-rays of your teeth
  • Examine your gums for signs of periodontal disease or damage
  • Visually examine your teeth to ensure no signs of decay are present
  • Evaluate if any preexisting conditions are present that may affect what treatment solutions are available to you

After a thorough examination of your oral health, we will provide you with an estimate of what treatments we believe are necessary to meet your aesthetic aspirations.

When choosing a dentist it is vital that you entrust your smile to a skilled and experienced dentist. This is why we always provide before and after photos of treatment options you are considering for your review.

Once a treatment plan has been decided on, we gladly answer any questions you may have, explain the procedure, and inform you of the healing process.

More extensive treatment plans may need additional time to format everything, and we may schedule an additional visit where we answer questions, discuss options, timing, financing, and/or view presentations related to your recommended treatment. is a dental procedure financing plan we offer.


Before finalizing your treatment plan, we will provide you with an estimate of what the treatment would cost. We strive to provide our patients with affordable cosmetic dentistry solutions, so they can achieve their aesthetic goals without financial restraints. To learn more, please read our financial policy.

The first step in achieving the smile of your dreams is contacting us at our Edmonton, Alberta office to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Christine Fialka-Eshenko.

Dental Financing in Edmonton

Dr. Christine Fialka-Eshenko truly cares about your smile, which is why we provide our patients with a fair financing program for their cosmetic procedures. We will never permit financial constraints to delay you seeking the adequate treatment needed for a healthy smile. Contact us now for a consultation!

DentalCard Financing​

We work with DentalCard in order to provide an avenue for our patients to find third party financing for their cosmetic dentistry procedures. DentalCard is a company dedicated to providing credit for a wide range of healthcare services. All that is necessary is for you to receive approval for DentalCard financing and we can proceed with your procedures.

Benefits of DentalCard include:

  • Convenient monthly payment options
  • Zero up-front costs
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Lack of annual fees
  • A three step, instant approval process

Insurance and Payment

Dr. Christine Fialka-Eshenko accepts the majority of insurance policies. Any co-payment is due at the time of treatment.

For larger, more extensive cosmetic dental procedures, such as a full mouth reconstruction or a smile makeover, we request a deposit. Costs not covered by a patient’s insurance policy are billed to the patient.


Our Philosophy

At the Edmonton, Alberta cosmetic dental practice of Dr. Christine Fialka-Eshenko, we want to work with you to help you realize your goals where your smile and dental health are concerned. The philosophy we share through our dental practice means including our patients.

We want:

  • To work together as a team to help provide for our patients the best treatment that dentistry has to offer
  • To include our patients in the decision making about what treatments done in their mouths
  • To give patients options and educate them to make the right choices for their dental health
  • Our patients to be comfortable in the office and not lose sleep about upcoming appointments due to worry about pain, discomfort or cost
  • To be good communicators, both regarding the treatment we are recommending and the costs involved
  • Our patients to ask questions if options or treatment are not explained to their satisfaction
  • To provide all treatment with care and compassion
  • To develop trusting relationships with our patients
  • To have fun at work

In addition, we:

  • Hold ourselves to very high standards, and are committed to quality dentistry and take pride in what we do
  • Are continually on a quest for Continuing Education so that we are able to utilize the newest techniques and incorporate new technology as we provide our patients with all that Dentistry has to offer
  • Strive to treat our patients as we would like to be treated
  • Appreciate our patients and are honoured that they have chosen our office to look after their dental health needs for their family and friends

This philosophy is our commitment to you as a valued patient and we want to focus on what is important to you when you come to see us: your smile and overall health.

If you are in the Edmonton, Alberta area and are in need of an experienced dentist, please contact the dental practice of Dr. Christine Fialka-Eshenko for an comprehensive examination.

Our Mission

  • Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with our patients.
  • Our patients are part of our dental family and we treat everyone with respect and understanding.
  • We maintain the highest ethical, personal and professional standards.
  • We strive for clinical and professional excellence.
  • We are committed to continuing dental education.
  • We utilize advanced techniques and technology to assist in the delivery of care.
  • Skill, experience and commitment to the science and artistry of dentistry are our guiding principles.
  • Our team members are enthusiastic, excited and committed to our goals.
  • Our patient play an integral part role in the determination of care.
  • After a comprehensive exam, all options are discussed so our patients can make an informed decision about their dental health.
  • We value our patient’s time and strive to complete treatment in an efficient manner.
  • With education and motivation we provide the tools that enable our patients to maintain optimal health.
  • Understanding that the mouth is a gateway to the rest of your body is our focus on overall health and wellness.


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