SureSmile Aligner

Wouldn’t you love the opportunity customize your own treatment package, one that will provide you with less overall discomfort and with faster and more accurate results? Well our team at Focus on Smiles is offering another orthodontic service to help provide patients with their ideal smiles called SureSmiles. Unlike traditional dental treatments like braces and Invisalign which relied on x-rays and plaster models when mapping out the progress of a patient’s teeth, SureSmile uses a 3D computer software that examines a person’s mouth and enables them to plan out every tooth’s movement during a patient’s orthodontic experience. Once the 3D model has been taken, SureSmile then creates customized aligners to match your treatment plan. SureSmile’s has transformed the way patients think of braces and Invisalign. This software has allowed dentists a way to tailor your dream smile in front of you. How cool is that?

Like Invisalign, SureSmile uses detachable aligners that help to effectively adjust your teeth to move into their proper placement. Unlike traditional braces, SureSmile aligners show progress much more quickly due to the SmartSmile software. This software enables dentists to plan the path your teeth will go in order to achieve the most desirable results. Patients that have used SureSmile love that they are able to conveniently remove the aligners when they are eating or cleaning their teeth. Unlike braces, having removable aligners have helped to make dental appointments that much faster since dentists aren’t impeded by wires.

Some of the benefits to using SureSmile are;

  • Great Results – With SureSmile’s preciseness, teeth will move accurately into the position they were prescribed to during the consultation
  • Practically Invisible – SureSmile Clear Aligners are hardly noticeable Less Dental Appointments – SureSmile has helped to vastly improve orthodontic quality and effectiveness making less dental visits required
  • Faster Progress – By comparison to other smile modification services (braces and Invisalign), SureSmile takes half the time to complete
  • More comfortable – SureSmile decreases the amount of pain one would get from wearing braces through reducing the amount of wire adjustments they would need during care
  • Manageable Price – Pricing for treatment can be flexible


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