Gum Recontouring

A perfect smile is more involved than proper tooth alignment and addressing cracked, chipped or gapped teeth. Equally important are the appropriate ratio of gum to tooth and the contour of the gum line. If either is off, a smile can be the source of embarrassment. In these cases, a common, cosmetic dentistry solution is Gum Recontouring.

Patients are self-conscious of their gum line for many reasons, including:
  • Having a gummy smile, which is when the gum line extends too low and covers too much of the teeth
  • If the gum contour is not in line with the shape of the teeth
  • When gum tissue overwhelms the teeth and becomes too noticeable
  • If the gum line is not symmetrical, or is lower or higher on a single tooth, bringing undesirable attention to the gum line
  • If periodontal disease, trauma or genetics have caused the gums to appear chronically swollen or red

If any of the above reasons causes you to hide your smile, than gum recontouring is a procedure worthy of consideration.

Gums are reshaped through the use of the Navigator soft tissue laser, which gently reshape the gum line in order to achieve your desired smile. Lasers are extremely effective in sculpting the gum line because:
  • They are quick, efficient and painless
  • They seal additional gum tissue
  • Bleeding is minimal
  • Minimizes the risk of infection because they kill bacteria while resealing gum tissue

The gum recontouring procedure is one of the least complicated cosmetic dentistry procedures. First, a local anesthetic is applied to minimize pain. Using a laser, excess gum tissue is then trimmed and the gum line sculpted to the desired shape in order to provide the greatest aesthetic appeal. Depending on the goals of each patient, porcelain veneers or porcelain dental crowns may be applied to address any additional cosmetic concerns.

After having your gum line recontoured, tenderness and swelling may occur. Over the counter pain medication tends to adequately alleviate any pain experienced. We recommend gargling with salt water daily in order to reduce swelling.

Only through a personal consultation can we determine if gum recontouring is the appropriate procedure to meet your cosmetic goals. However, few cosmetic dentistry procedures can produce as effective and efficient results in such a minimal amount of time.
If you are dissatisfied with your gum length and live in the Edmonton, Alberta area, please contact our cosmetic dentistry office today.


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