Porcelain Fillings / Crowns / Cerec

Porcelain Fillings are the modern solutions to cavity treatment. Due to their aesthetic quality and durability, porcelain fillings are a staple procedure in cosmetic dentistry facilities.

Questions have been raised regarding the increased health risk of mercury fillings. Even that aside, porcelain retains numerous advantages over metal:
  • Porcelain fillings can last a long time with proper bite management
  • Temperature changes cause metal fillings to expand and contract, which increases stress on the tooth and likelihood of fracture
  • Porcelain is translucent, reflecting and absorbing light like natural tooth enamel
  • Porcelain reduces the risk of further tooth decay
  • Unlike metal, porcelain bonds with your tooth, providing additional strength
  • Technological advances allows porcelain to match in colour with the surrounding teeth
  • Porcelain is very stain resistant

If you are between general check-ups and experiencing tooth pain, particularly when exposed to cold, it is likely that you have a cavity and should seek treatment immediately. Besides enduring unnecessary pain, delaying treatment can cause further dental complications.

In addition to those currently suffering from a cavity, many patients are choosing to enhance their smiles by having unsightly, metal fillings replaced with natural looking porcelain.

Whether you need a cavity filled or a mercury filling replaced, all porcelain filling procedures are performed in a single visit in the comfort of our cosmetic dentistry office. CAD/CAM Technology such as CEREC Restorations have allowed us to prepare & deliver the porcelain filling in one appointment! Unlike metal fillings, porcelain bonds perfectly into your tooth, leaving no raised or rough edges.

A Porcelain Crown, Veneer, Bridge, Implant Crown, Onlay or 3/4 Crown can take two visits. The first visit is used to prepare the tooth and impressions are taken. These impressions are then used by our state of the art dental laboratory to fabricate your new restoration that will perfectly compliment the original tooth colour and shape. During the second visit your new restoration is placed.



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